Terri and Shane’s Wedding

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October 6, 2018

The Love Story

We met as babies, literally. My grandma and grandpas house is right behind Shane’s parents house, where he grew up. We have a video of when I was like a year and a half and Shane was about 3 years old and we were on my grandparents back porch for my dad’s 35th birthday. There I am stealing beer cans off the table hobbling around, and then the video pans over to Shane being held by the arms by both of his parents being the cuuuuutest little boy ever. So ours families have known each other all our lives, but we didn’t start really hanging out and then dating until 2013. Shane works in web development for Bozzuto, a property management company. And I just stopped working for Bozzuto to go to nursing school full time. We are HUGE family people. They are our life. Literally every one of my bridesmaids is my family. Lol. We love baseball and hockey. Love the Renaissance festival. Obsessed with our dog we adopted in 2013, Finnick. Finn for short. He is our world. Kinda unhealthy attachment to him, we know. Lol. We are kind hearted people, but I can also be a spit fire. Shane is my best friend and it has felt like an 100% right match since we first started talking. We bought our home together in October of 2016, he proposed July of 2017, and wedding soon to come October 2018! 🙂